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We specialize in packing, shipping, and insuring large, heavy, fragile, and valuable items.

  • Shipping Ground Air and Ocean Domestic & International
  • Overnight, Second Day, Deferred, Economy
  • Custom Professional Packing
  • Full Wood Crates
  • Trade Show & Exhibit Crates
  • MIL-Spec Crating
  • International Export Crates to ISPM-15
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Custom Pallets
custom wood crates

Commercial, industrial, or residential shipping

When you need a company to manage all of your commercial, industrial, or residential shipping needs, that company should have the experience and resources you need to manage all of your shipping needs with a minimum of frustration and maximum convenience. For Richmond area customers, Craters & Freighters is the company you can trust to use our experience wisely to help you get your goods where they need to go. We have extensive experience working with customers in industries that have heavy shipping requirements such as art and antiques, auctions, government, asset relocation, reverse logistics, and the military.

Protecting your valuable cargo

This means we have the ability to work with customers from all industries and manage their specific packing and shipping needs on a case by case basis. Packing your goods is essential to protecting your valuable cargo during shipment. We have wooden crates and corrugated boxes that will be of great convenience to our customers with basic packing needs. If you have more advanced packing needs, we also have custom solutions that will help you protect your goods and keep them safe during travel.

Convenient nationwide delivery

We have custom shipping containers, MIL spec crates, skids and pallets, and product-specific engineered packaging. We offer domestic and international shipping services that are convenient for customers because of the number of options available. Domestic shipping services are for those customers who have goods to be transported within the United States. We have made ground and air transportation available for customers and offer convenient nationwide delivery to make sure your goods arrive on time. International shipping is also available for customers with shipping destinations outside of the United States.

Without the frustration and hassles

We have ISPM packaging available for all international shipments and offer delivery of your goods by air or sea cargo for your convenience. All of the services we provide have been developed to make packing and shipping more convenient for our customers so that shipping activities can be managed without the frustration and hassles normally associated with shipping cargo.

Contact us at 877.744.7496 or by e-mailing us at Richmond@CratersAndFreighters.com and we'll answer any questions you may have.

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